* Seeds

Our collection of exotic seeds for your garden. Most of these plants require lots of light to grow well.

Bonsai - Blue Chinese Wisteria - Outdoorbonsai

Bonsai - Red Japanese Maple Tree - Outdoorbonsai

Darjeeling banane

Calico Flower

Chinese Windmill Palm

White Bird of Paradise Flower

Alpine Snow Gum Eucalyptus

Petticoat Palm


Cactus - Old man of the Andes

Bonsai Ponderosa Pine - Indoorbonsai

Cactus - Tiger´s Jaw Cactus

Cactus - Split Rock Cactus

Coffee Arabica

Bonsai - Australian Pine, indoor bonsai

Herbs - Lemon Grass

Herbs – Korean Mint

Herbs – Chili Pepper

Herbs – Paracress

Herbs – Sweet Basil

Herbs – Sweetleaf

Herbs – Black Pepper


Rose of Jericho - The Miracle Bulb

Chinese wisteria

Cactus - Desert Rose

Cactus - Madagascar Palm

Goji Berry

Bonsai - European Larch


Robs Snoeptuin Edible Flowers