* Potting Soil & Substrates


We do not sell some of these products online. Because the cost of shipping is way to high compared to the actual cost of the product. But we want to show our local customers what we have in our stock and our prices.

Our selection of potting soil & substrates from Plagron, Canna and Biobizz.

Atami Bi Grow Mix 50 liter

Plagron Batmix 50 liter


Plagron All Mix 50 liter

Plagron Lightmix 50 liter

Plagron Growmix 50 liter

Plagron Royal Mix 50 liter

Plagron Promix 50 liter

Plagron Cocos Premium 50 liter

Plagron Perlite 60 liter


Canna Terra Seed Mix 25 liter

Plagron Mega Worm 25 liter



Atami Cocos Substrate


Mapito RFX-1 80 liter


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Plagron Clay Pebbles 50 liter


Biobizz All-mix 20 liter


Biobizz All-Mix 50 liter

Biobizz Coco Mix 50 liter

Biobizz Lightmix 50 liter

Canna Terra Professional Plus 50 liter

Canna Terra Professional 50 liter

UGRO Coco Basic XL 70 Liter


Ugro Coco Rhiza XL 70 Liter


Bio Nova Coco Bricks